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We’re All About Being Enthused, Engaged, Involved

Common sense solutions on common ground

In a time of hot-button political issues that increasingly divide and distance people from one another, a group of civic-minded citizens decided to reclaim the mission of colleges and universities. In 2007, we launched the Wisconsin Institute for Public Policy and Service (WIPPS).

As part of the UW Colleges and UW-Extension, our mission is to bring together those with differing views, listen civilly and find common ground to address the tough issues facing our country, our states and our communities.

WIPPS Work Is Based On Two Core Ideas

Citizen-Centered Democracy

We support citizen-centered democracy. Today’s America depends on engaged, involved citizens and communities – making decisions about issues that matter to them. Sometimes it’s hard to understand complex policy issues. WIPPS aims to cut through the jargon, get to the meat of the matter and let people make their own, informed decisions.

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The Wisconsin Idea

As part of the University of Wisconsin, we recognize the Wisconsin Idea – “The resources of the university should be used to serve the interests and needs of the entire state.” We do this by providing resources, information and ideas to empower the people and communities of Wisconsin.


Meet Our Staff

  • Eric Giordano

    Eric Giordano
    (715) 261-6388

    Meet Eric

  • Aaron Zitzelsberger

    Aaron Zitzelsberger
    State Director of Development

    Meet Aaron

  • deb-dorshorst

    Deb Dorshorst
    Marketing Communications Coordinator

    Meet Deb

  • alex-sowieja

    Alex Sowieja
    I.T. Specialist
    Meet Alex

  • Jacob Simon photo

    Jacob Simon
    I.T. Coordinator

    Meet Jacob

  • john-greenwood

    John Greenwood
    Outreach Consultant

    Meet John

  • matt-froom

    Matt Froom
    Research Assistant
    (715) 261-6388
    Meet Matt

Board Of Advisors

  • Anderson D

    Dave Anderson

    Assistant Deputy Secretary
    Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development

  • Anderson S

    Steve Anderson

    Retired CEO
    River Valley Bank

  • Bradley

    Mark Bradley

    Ruder Ware, L.L.S.C.
    UW Board of Regents

  • Chaney

    Al Chaney

    Director of Marketing
    Marshfield Clinic


    Kevin Hermening

    Managing Partner

    Hermening Financial Group, LLC


  • Barbara Lawton_2016

    Barbara Lawton

    President and CEO
    Americans for Campaign Reform

  • Christine Bremer

    Christine Bremer Muggli

    Bremer & Trollop Law Offices, S.C.

  • Norrbom

    Clay Norrbom

    Chair, Co-founder and Managing Partner
    Global Infrastructure Asset Management, L.L.C.

  • kathryn_schauf

    Kathryn Schauf

    Administrative Coordinator
    Sauk County

  • DM_Will_1553

    Will Stone

    Vice President
    Jefferson Consulting Group

  • Ullrich

    David Ullrich

    Executive Director
    Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative

  • Ware

    Linda Ware

    Professor Emerita
    UW-Marathon County
    Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts & Letters