Civic Engagement

Civically engaged citizens work together to improve the civic life of their communities. They uncompromisingly seek to acquire and advance the knowledge, skills, values, and motivation it takes to truly “make a difference.” They promote the quality of life in their communities, through both political and non-political processes, by assuming personal responsibility. This means that the individual is fully aware of his or her accountability towards a larger social structure, and considers the moral and civic dimensions of issues before taking appropriate action.

The Wisconsin Institute for Public Policy and Service carries out its mission of civic engagement through public scholarship, non-partisan public dialogue, student learning and service, and community-building initiatives. WIPPS works to ensure that citizens of Wisconsin will become engaged community members and active participants in civic life.

For a history, retrospective, and report on the status of civic engagement, read the 2005 Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching (et al) publication:

Civic Mission-Civic Effects.doc or PDF

Associate Professor of History Brett Barker and WIPPS Director Eric Giordano engage UWMC students in a Constitution Day observance project