Deliberation in Education:
Department of Public Instruction and K-12 Partners

Since its creation in 2007, the Wisconsin Institute for Public Policy and Service has provided access to deliberation for educational partners, sponsors, and collaborators interested in learning about, utilizing, or receiving training in the Kettering/NIF model. In July 2008, a summer youth leadership program conducted through UW-Extension’s 4-H and Youth Development program area requested that WIPPS moderate a dialogue as part of their program. This led to formal deliberation training for a dozen UW-Extension colleagues. In 2008, WIPPS also demonstrated deliberative methods for the DPI in Milwaukee and Racine Counties to utilize in a K-12 teachers’ retreat in August; at this retreat, teachers were trained to use the Kettering/NIF model as a service-learning tool in the K-12 classroom. The Wausau School District continues to employ the NIF model in a variety of ways: from a classroom-enhancement component in traditional educational programs, to a decision-making tool for at-risk student populations, to a problem- solving strategy for the school district as a whole. WIPPS also delivered a presentation in November 2009 to the PK-18 Council (a regional planning and coordinating group consisting of school superintendents from Central Wisconsin and educators from two technical colleges, UW-Stevens Point, and two UW Colleges campuses) that led to a request to experience a deliberative forum, which occurred in April 2010. One long-range goal derived from these efforts was the formation of a Teachers' Institute for students in the UWSP Department of Professional Studies and for UWMC students who intend to transfer as education majors. The first phase of the Teachers' Institute was implemented August 14-15, 2011 as a two-day workshop on deliberative service learning practices for teachers and prospective teachers to use in the classroom. The workshop was led by John Greenwood, WIPPS Civic Engagement and Outreach Consultant, and was held at the Center for Civic Engagement in Wausau.