Being Black in America with Reggie Jackson and Jarrett Adams – WIPPS Two Bald Guys

On our June 5 Facebook livestream, we were honored to have as special guests two national figures – Reggie Jackson, co-owner and lead trainer of Nurturing Diversity Partners in Milwaukee and a prominent leader in the black community; and Jarrett Adams, who launched his own law firm in 2017. Adams was wrongly convicted of sexual assault and served 10 years in prison before being vindicated with the help of the Wisconsin Innocence Project.

Both men shared their compelling stories of being black in America and provided perspectives on the current national situation and the impact of racial disparities and its consequences. We’ve included with the episode some more information on our guests and the important work that they do.

This special addition of Two Bald Guys was created in partnership with the Wisconsin Humanities Council.

Reggie Jackson

Jarrett Adams


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