1/20/21 Newsletter: Good News Making Your Participation EASIER AND COST FREE

Roger Utnehmer, Director
Student Journalism Program
920 495 9677

WIPPS is pleased to announce that all student journalists participating in our program will be paid directly by WIPPS. That means you can receive;

….interesting local contest for your radio station or newspaper at no cost.
….you can offer future journalists an opportunity to learn about careers in news.
….you can expand the social media penetration through the submissions of high school students who participate.
….you can expand the listening audience or readership because each student journalist will bring their circles of influence (families and friends) to your stations or newspaper.

And all this is now being offered to you at absolutely no cost.

Students will simply provide you with a story you can accept or reject. If you air on your stations or publish in your newspaper, WIPPS will pay each student per story for their submissions.

Our volunteer staff at WIPPS will review original drafts to save you time and hassle with basic editing.

All decisions about what you care to use will be your own…

So…you’re offered content, social media opportunities and the ability to make your stations or newspapers relevant to high school students with no out of pocket expense.

Interested in airing or publishing stories our student journalists write, just let me know.

It will be great public relations to be reaching out to high school students, build a future of potential news reporters for your medium, promote democracy and civic engagement …and we’ll pay the entire cost of this experience.

And the FCC loves this kind of outreach to comply with EEO regulations because of the student involvement.

Please email me at to let me know of your interest…or if you would like to be removed from future contact about the WIPPS Student Journalism Program.