11/24/20 Great Reasons To Be a Student Journalist

A recent Washington Post article about former President Barack Obama provides a compelling reason for high school students to work with local news outlets and consider careers in journalism.

In the article, Obama is quoted as saying America no longer has a common baseline of fact and a common story, resulting in a country torn apart by dysfunctional media.

The solution, according to President Obama, may be local journalism. It’s “where we have to start, in terms of rebuilding the social trust we need for democracy to work,” he says.

Few high school students ever have the opportunity to write stories for airing on local radio stations and to for publishing in local newspapers. You have that opportunity, and with it, the opportunity to make a difference. You can make democracy better and you can do so if you heed the advice of President Obama to “find ways to bolster the standards that ensure we can separate truth from fiction.”

The challenge is clear. The opportunity is yours. YOU can make a difference and the WIPPS Student Journalism Program provides what you need to do so.

Find a story. Approve it with your media partner. Share it with me and let’s make a stronger democracy, advance civility in our civic discourse and promote citizen engagement.

You may also want to invite a friend to also join the WIPPS Student Journalism Program. Perhaps you know someone interested in government, politics, current events or journalism. Connect them with Katie or me please.

Also, you will be receiving your own personalized business cards soon. We’ll also be sending you thank you note cards to send to people who you meet through the program. If you send a personalized, hand-written thank you note to a source you will stand out like a spot light on a dark night. Few people today express gratitude. Thanking a source for a good story creates a relationship. I highly recommend you use the cards when you receive them and let me know when you need more.

Happy Thanksgiving. May you enjoy it in safety and good healthy.

Roger Utnehmer, Director
Student Journalism Program
920 495 9677

Katie Schramm, Student Coordinator
Student Journalism Program
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