11/24/20 Why Student Journalism Is Important

A recent Washington Post article about former President Barack Obama provides a compelling reason for students to work with local broadcast and newspaper partners and consider careers in journalism.

In the article, Obama is quoted as saying America no longer has a common baseline of fact and a common story, resulting in a country torn apart by dysfunctional (social) media.

The solution, according to Obama, may be local journalism.  It’s “where we have to start, in terms of rebuilding the social trust we need for democracy to work,” he says.

Few high school students ever have an opportunity to write stories for broadcast on local radio stations or for publishing in local newspapers.  This program provides that.  You can make a dramatic difference in the lives of students by giving them opportunity to improve our understanding, our civic discourse and citizen engagement.

At a time when most in media are providing more with less, student-supplied stories add to content, bring the social media circle of every student to your medium and build the future staffers all in journalism will need.

You can see what a difference this program has made in the lives of students by taking a quick look at the following web site:


Happy Thanksgiving.  May you enjoy it in safety and good health.