2/12/21 Newsletter: Janesville, Beloit, Eau Claire and Madison High School Students NEED Radio Stations Or Newspapers

Wisconsin Institute for Public Policy and Service (WIPPS)
Student Journalism Program Media Partners

Roger Utnehmer, Director
Student Journalism Program
920 495 9677

Great news. The student journalism program has more students than we have radio stations and newspapers to air and publish the news stories they write.

We have also partnered our first Latina student with La Movida in Madison for radio reporting to the Hispanic community.

Because WIPPS is now paying 100% of the compensation to students you can have high school students provide content for your radio station or newspaper at no cost to you.

The students we have from Janesville, Beloit, Eau Claire and Madison are enthusiastic about joining the Student Journalism Program…but we need media partners.

WIPPS will make your participation simple and easy for your staff. We work with students developing the stories and provide you a finished product. You certainly have the option of assigning specific story topics. The student submissions could be treated like a press release. Your news staff simply decides to run the story or not. If it is run, WIPPS pays the student on a per story basis.

As I’ve mentioned before, benefits include content at no charge, building a future pool of reporters for our industries, great public relations by reaching out to include students, EEO credits for radio stations who participate, making radio and newspapers relevant to younger demographics and expanding the social media online presence of your medium. We are also proud to be able to be providing you with an opportunity to reflect the diversity of your market with the inclusion of several Hispanic students.

We hope to recruit more students representing other people of color soon.

So…especially if you are operating in Beloit, Janesville, Eau Claire or Madison…we need you now. Please simply email me your interest in participating and I will start sending you stories for your consideration.

Thank you.