1/20/21 Newsletter: A timely story idea for you to pursue

Roger Utnehmer, Director
WIPPS Student Journalism Program

Student Journalism Program

RE: A timely story idea for you to pursue

I suggest if you are interested in continuing with the student journalism program you write a story this week about how your high school commemorated Martin Luther King Day. You may want to describe events and interview participants.

I also suggest you interview school administrators about the experience of racism in your school. Are more incidents or less being reported? Is progress being made or is dealing with racism a significant problem?

You may want to interview minority students about their experience at your school. Do they feel marginalized? Are they seeing progress? Do they feel accepted and welcomed?

What is your school doing to deal with racism?

This is a news story for a short time if you connect it to MLK Day. It’s important, if you care to participate, that you submit a story very soon.

Please send your initial draft to me. I will offer comments and help with any improvements. After you review my suggestions and re-write a story I will share it with potential media partners, making it easier for you.

After your story is either aired on radio or published in a newspaper, WIPPS will pay you directly rather than channeling that through your media sponsor.

Our standard payment per story that is either aired on radio or published in a newspaper is $25.

It is very important if you want to continue with this program that your let me know your interest in writing this story soon. We can visit about how to frame the story, how to interview your sources and how to compose a story after you complete interviews.

Communications between us is essential if you wish to participate in the future.

This is an important topic in which you can play a major role fostering positive discussion.

Please let me hear from you soon.