Community Volunteering, At The Heart Of What We Do

WIPPS believes that community involvement is key to the success of our programs. We’re excited to have community members volunteer their time and talents to help us reach the WIPPS mission of making policy issues accessible to the public.

WIPPS volunteers help with a wide array of programming, event coordinating and office responsibilities. Here’s a sampling of current and past programs that volunteers helped make a success:
• Obey-Petri Civic Participation Lecture Series
• Veninga Lecture Series on Religion and Politics
• WIPPS Cultural Engagement Series with international artist Ali Paris
• Wisconsin History Dairy Project
• Impact of Dark Money in Politics
• Wisconsin Voucher Schools Update

If you’ve come to any of our events, and like what you’ve seen, we welcome any amount of time you can spare. To continue to succeed, we need the help of everyone who wants to make a difference.