Services And Success Stories

Success Stories

WIPPS Research Partners provides exceptionally high quality services and methodologically rigorous work. Here are some of our client success stories.

Marathon County Workplace Inclusivity Study
Diversity, equity and inclusion are essential to a successful, productive workforce. We provided the tools and research-driven findings to lead Marathon County forward in its inclusivity efforts. Read more.

Marshfield Clinic Health System Stakeholder Feedback Project
We gathered key information and stakeholder input on system-wide priorities to help this client with strategic plans and to allocate appropriate resources. Read more.

Aspirus Langlade Hospital Community Action Plan
Our experts designed a community action process to reduce substance abuse in Langlade County. Read more.

North Central Wisconsin Workforce Development Board
Our researchers designed, tested and implemented a unique study on the effectiveness of worker retraining of displaced paper mill workers in Port Edwards. Read more.

U.S. Workstories Attraction and Retention Project
We helped a start-up business make their products and services more valuable. Read more.

Marathon County Training Program – Building Public Engagement
We developed and implemented a training program for county leaders, along with a public engagement plan and strategy for a “real life” experience. Read more or view the case study.

The Connections Place, Inc.
We created a feasibility study for the creation of an active aging center in Wausau, Wisconsin. Read more.

University of Wisconsin-Extension
We helped UW-Extension engage with the public to re-imagine its future role and work. Read more.

Toward One Wausau Community Action Project
Our experts provided technical expertise, including guidance on presenting deliberative forums, research compilation, and analysis and report finding. The project was designed to help people come to reasoned public judgment about issues associated with an increasingly diverse community. Read more.

Regional Talent Innovation Network (RETAIN) Project
We helped central Wisconsin develop a business-education partnership to create pathways to I.T. skill development. Read more or view the case study.

LENA Start in Marathon County – Closing Childhood Achievement Gaps
We worked with multiple employers, foundations, service organizations and local government in Marathon County on an innovative project to help parents and their children close the language gap – which correlates to future success in school and life. Read more.

Marathon County Early Years Coalition Family Friendly Survey
Partnering with the Early Years Coalition of Marathon County, Wausau Region Chamber of Commerce and area employers, we have launched a two-pronged study to determine key drivers of favorable work-life balance and “family-friendly” practices that are most impactful in choosing a job and a place to raise a family. Read more.


Survey Research

• Survey design and planning

• Survey instruments and questionnaires

• Mail, telephone and Web-based surveys

• Data coding and entry

• Raw data processing and management

• Basic and advanced statistical analysis

• Data analyses, interpretation and translation

• Post-survey prioritization and action planning

• Interactive or static reports

Other Data Collection

• Community needs assessments

• Focus groups and interviews

• Customer/client panels

• Descriptive and narrative data analysis

• Content analysis (client/customer communication and text analysis)

• Data integration (statistical analysis and descriptive analysis)

Market Research Analysis

• Customer opinion and preference research

• Market identification

• Competitive market data collection

• Geospatial market analysis and data integration

• Market penetration research

• Market forecasting

• Custom analytics

• High level reports, presentations, executive summaries and dashboards

Strategic Planning

• Visioning

• Idea generation

• Planning and goal prioritization

• SWOT and gap analysis processes

• Action planning and mapping

• Appreciative inquiry

• Public Interest Design (PID) and prototyping

Communication and Group Process

• Small- and large-group facilitation

• Group decision making and problem solving

• Intercultural communication training

• Ethical communication training

• Structured dialogue processes and training

• Conflict management and mediation

• Public engagement research and training

Measurement and Evaluation

• Community needs assessments

• Program measures and evaluation

• Benchmarking and outcome research

• Group process and outcome evaluation

Spatial Analysis and Outcome Research

• Spatial modeling

• GIS mapping

• Database design

• Quasi-experimental design

• Program measures and evaluation

• Action Research