Who We Are

We field a core team of multidisciplinary experts – including economists and business researchers, statisticians, psychologists, geographic information system specialists, and communications experts. Because we are a unit of the UW System, we have ready access to hundreds of experts in every major field and discipline.

Meet our Consultative Services Team

Our Consulting Principles

  • TRANSPARENCY – We conduct our work openly and transparently with our clients from day one. This begins with an initial consultative process to understand client goals and objectives, followed by a project proposal with accurate budget estimates and timelines. If we are unable to do what is asked or if we feel there is a better way to accomplish client goals, we will not hesitate to share our ideas towards better and more efficient outcomes.
  • COMMUNICATION – We practice effective communication with clients in all phases of our work. From understanding initial goals to benchmarking and sharing project progress, frequent and effective communication is integral to good decision making and developing trust with our clients. We are committed to listening and being responsive to changing client needs.
  • INTEGRITY – We value integrity both in terms of our personal relationships with clients and in our approach to collecting, analyzing and reporting data. As academic experts and affiliates of the University of Wisconsin, our mission is the pursuit of truth through factual information. We employ well-researched methodologies and take pride in getting it right. We will forego a project rather than do it half-baked.
  • CLIENT PRIORITY – Our clients are our top priority. Our work team will dedicate itself to our client’s mission and goals. This means we will put in the hours to get the project done, and will go the extra mile to perform required tasks to the utmost of our abilities. We know that future success is dependent on our ability to accomplish the current job and ensure that our clients are satisfied.