Building Merrill Series: Growing Leaders and Civic Engagement

Building Merrill Series continues November 14:
‘Pitching in for Merrill: Growing Leaders and Civic Engagement’

On Tuesday, November 14, at 6:30 p.m., in T.B. Scott Free Library’s Community Room, the public is invited to be part of a dynamic community discussion, “Pitching in for Merrill: Growing Leaders and Civic Engagement.”

A vibrant city has plenty of leaders and citizens ready to make a difference. Join a discussion with experts and citizens of how Merrill can have more of both. Guest speakers include:

  • Rich Poirier – Church Mutual Insurance Company CEO
  • Randy Scholz – Lincoln County administrative coordinator
  • Chris Severson – North Central Technical College dean of the School of Business and International Education
  • Gene Bebel – nonprofit organization and civic engagement leader

This program is the ninth in the “Building Merrill Together” initiative, which aims to stir government, business and the general public to positively change Merrill through information and discussion, and by creating an open and transparent environment for change.

The Active and Aware Merrill Citizens, formed after a community discussion at the library last October which launched the Building Merrill Together initiative, will continue planning to explore issues of community importance, enhanced citizen communication with city and county government, and how local government can communicate better with the people on issues relevant to the community.

Building Merrill Together is cosupported by The Interactivity Foundation (IF), the Wisconsin Institute for Public Policy and Service (WIPPS) and T.B. Scott Free Library. For more information, go to or call 715-536-9171.