Research-Driven Solutions For Nonprofits, Businesses And Government

Struggling to solve a challenging problem?  Collecting data, but not sure how to analyze or interpret it?  Looking for ways to make your organization run better?  We can help.  Our experts will take out the guesswork and provide solutions for your complex needs.

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Featured Projects:

WIPPS brought added value to my business by lining up university talent in ways we could not have done on our own. They helped us better measure the effectiveness of our products and services.

Mike Beck
President and CEO, U.S. Workstories

Who we are

WIPPS Research Partners is a University of Wisconsin organization that provides analysis, research and problem-solving expertise.

We will listen carefully to understand your needs and provide options to meet your objectives – working together every step of the way.

How we partner with you

We build a team of experts from a variety of fields that fit your needs best. We provide a detailed proposal that explains what we will do, how we will do it and with specific timelines.

We work with a select group of experts on a per-project basis, saving you money and provide a more efficient workflow.

Why Choose Us?

WIPPS Research Partners delivers solutions through:

Familiarity with diverse communities throughout Wisconsin

Cost-effective budgeting and dedication to meeting timelines and deliverables

Collaboration and partnership in project design and in meeting project objectives

A commitment to objectivity, independence and transparency

Our Mission

WIPPS Research Partners will provide our clients with a full spectrum of academic and technical resources of the University of Wisconsin System- using proven research methods and human-centered problem-solving tailored to your unique needs.

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