Delilah Rose, student journalist for Door County Daily News, prepares a news story

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Are you interested in writing, telling or creating video stories? Do you care about your community and want to get involved? Do you need an activity that will impress college admissions offices? Do you want to get paid to do something fun and meets a real community need?

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The Student Journalism Program targets high school students interested in pursuing a career in journalism. The program serves to improve student’s written and verbal communication skills, digital literacy, investigative reporting, objective competency and more.

In alignment with WIPPS mission, the program enhances civic engagement among high school students, creates the next generation for news reporting in communities, provides marketable skills and college preparation. In addition, it mentors and equips young and upcoming journalist with tools to master writing or reporting about the news who would otherwise not have access to resources to guide them.

As participants of the program, students will get hands-on experience choosing story topics, finding sources of information, conducting interviews, and reporting on stories to be published and/or broadcasted.

The High School Journalism program provides an enriching environment with remarkable resources for students interested in Journalism. Currently, there is an on-going and active recruitment for high school leaders of diverse backgrounds and ethnicities. To apply, click here, or contact for more information.

The Student Journalism Program is proud to partner with Rotary International.Rotarty International

Work with Local Media

We seek high school students of all backgrounds and abilities to become student journalists for local radio, print and online news media. Work with one of our program partners:

Build Valuable Skills

  • Learn marketable skills, including writing, editing, interviewing
  • Interact with radio broadcast professionals
  • Have your stories read, watched and heard by public audiences
  • Get paid for every story posted online or broadcast on air

Student Experiences

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For more information about the Student Journalism Program, contact us at or 715-261-6368.