We’re All About Being Enthused, Engaged, Involved

Common sense solutions on common ground

In a time of hot-button political issues that increasingly divide and distance people from one another, a group of civic-minded citizens decided to reclaim the mission of colleges and universities. In 2007, we launched the Wisconsin Institute for Public Policy and Service (WIPPS).

As part of the the University of Wisconsin System, our mission is to bring together those with differing views, listen civilly and find common ground to address the tough issues facing our country, our states and our communities. WIPPS is proud to support the David R. Obey Civic Resource Center, which is Wisconsin’s most important destination for understanding the past, present and future of public policy. Students and the public can learn about government, public policy and political decision-making from the Center’s expert staff, interactive exhibits, organized lecture series by national and state leaders, panel discussions and workshops, and civic forums tackling tough issues of the day.

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Our Work Is Based On Two Core Ideas

Citizen-Centered Democracy

We support citizen-centered democracy. Today’s America depends on engaged, involved citizens and communities – making decisions about issues that matter to them. Sometimes it’s hard to understand complex policy issues. WIPPS aims to cut through the jargon, get to the meat of the matter and let people make their own, informed decisions.

The Wisconsin Idea

As part of the University of Wisconsin System, we recognize the Wisconsin Idea – “The resources of the university should be used to serve the interests and needs of the entire state.” We do this by providing resources, information and ideas to empower the people and communities of Wisconsin.

Meet Our Staff

  • Eric Giordano
    Executive Director

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  • Julie Bunczak
    Program Manager

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  • Deb Dorshorst
    Marketing Communications Coordinator

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  • John Greenwood
    Outreach Consultant

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  • Sharon Hunter
    Program Manager

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  • Mallory Strehlow
    I.T. Specialist

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  • Heather Timmers
    Research Assistant
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  • Luke Rudolph
    Research Assistant

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  • Melissa Nieuwenhuis
    Marketing Assistant
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  • Tony Gonzalez
    Community Outreach Consultant
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Hmong Community Liaisons
Phong Vang
Cassandra Xiong
John Xiong
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Hispanic Community Liaisons
Yadira Castillo
Laura Hernandez
Isis Vidal Ocana
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