About Us

WIPPS Research Partners fields a team of multidisciplinary experts, including economists and business researchers, statisticians, psychologists, geographic information system specialists, and communications experts. As a unit of the Universities of Wisconsin, we have ready access to hundreds of experts in every major field and discipline. We will listen carefully to understand your needs and provide options to meet your objectives – working together every step of the way.

Meet Our Partners

  • Dave Anderson
    Senior Public Policy Fellow, WIPPS Research Partners
    Meet Dave

  • Sharon Belton, Ph.D
    Senior Public Policy Fellow, WIPPS Research Partners
    Meet Sharon

  • April Bleske-Rechek, Ph.D.
    Professor, Dept. of Psychology, UW-Eau Claire
    Meet April

  • Al Chaney
    Principal, Chaney Marketing Strategy
    Meet Al

  • Ruth Cronje, Ph.D.
    Watershed Institute, UW-Eau Claire
    Meet Ruth

  • Marlowe Embree, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor, Dept. of Psychology, UW-Stevens Point at Wausau
    Meet Marlowe

  • Dr. Marty Finkler

    Marty Finkler, Ph.D.
    Senior Economic Policy Fellow, WIPPS Research Partners
    Meet Marty

  • Eric Giordano, Ph.D.
    WIPPS Executive Director and Associate Professor of Political Science at UW-Stevens Point
    Meet Eric

  • John Greenwood, M.Ed.
    Outreach Consultant, WIPPS
    Meet John

  • Matt Groshek, M.F.A.
    Associate Professor, Dept. of Art and Design, UW-Stevens Point
    Meet Matt

  • Tom Kemp, Ph.D.
    Professor, Dept of Economics, UW-Eau Claire
    Meet Tom

  • Mary Kluz, M.S.
    Associate Professor, Community Resource Development, UW-Madison
    Meet Mary

  • Yengyee Lor
    Founder/Consultant, Faithful Consulting
    Meet Yengyee

  • Elizabeth M. Martin, Ph.D.
    Professor, School of Business and Economics, UW-Stevens Point
    Meet Elizabeth

  • Jim McCluskey, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor, Geography, UW-Stevens Point at Wausau
    Meet Jim

  • Corrie Norrbom, M.D.
    Assistant Professor, Medical College of Wisconsin-Central Wisconsin
    Meet Corrie

  • Amy Prunuske, Ph.D.
    Health Policy Fellow, WIPPS Research Partner

    Meet Amy

  • David Sparkman, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor of Psychology, UW-Eau Claire
    Meet David

  • Jeffrey Todd
    Senior Policy Fellow, WIPPS Research Partners
    Meet Jeffrey

  • Ernest Wayde, Ph.D., M.I.S
    Innovative Technology Advancement Lab Officer, Veterans Affairs Office of Electronic Health Record Modernization
    Meet Ernest