Collaborate With WIPPS

WIPPS’ work is responsive and collaborative. We bring nonpartisan approaches, tools and resources to help state and local governments, businesses, nonprofits and citizens address and solve real problems.

We adhere closely to the Wisconsin Idea by connecting the resources of the public university to issues relevant to the citizens of Wisconsin.

Some of our recent collaborations have addressed:

  • Overcoming poverty
  • Understanding globalization for Wisconsin business
  • Developing sustainable communities
  • Assessing the ethics of stem cell research
  • Addressing the origins of domestic violence
  • Rethinking the civic mission of the public university

WIPPS provides opportunities for college students to engage in collaborative research, participate in internships, engage in meaningful service to their communities and gain valuable leadership skills.

WIPPS encourages public scholarship and research to address needs in our state and communities. We sponsor faculty and student fellowships and assist with grant-writing to encourage interdisciplinary research that can be translated into real-world action.