Marshfield Civility Project: Voter Education Forum

Source: WIFC

Three Wood County referendum issues are the topic of a Voter Education Forum being hosted by the Marshfield Civility Project Wednesday evening. Democrat Chris Jockheck worked with local Republicans on the event, and says UWSP Political Science Professor Ed Miller will present both sides, both the pros and cons, of the minimum wage and Badgercare funding referendums.

Todd Berry from the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance will discuss a referendum on how the state’s transportation funds can be spent. According to Jockheck, “Ed Miller will talk about the minimum wage first. Then we’ll give him a break and Todd Berry will talk about the transportation funds referendum, and then Ed Miller will speak to the federal funding for Badgercare.”

Republican Dan Wald also helped organize the event and says, “There’ll be opportunities for audience members to ask questions, and there’ll be a moderator there to facilitate, and clarify the questions.” That forum starts at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday evening on the lower level of Marshfield’s Public Library.