Murco Foundation support students in Washington Seminar

In 2016, WIPPS completed the first year of our Washington Seminar Program. With the generous support of the Murco Foundation, we are proud to announce the inaugural year was a tremendous success.

The Washington Seminar gave 12 talented UW college students from throughout the state a first-hand look at how government works. Led and taught by UW Colleges faculty, this three-week summer program provided an up-close and personal view of government, with access to congressional and executive leaders, lobbyists and other policy-influencers.

Students from a wide variety of majors, many who were first-generation in their families to attend college, explored areas such as the environment, energy, health, the economy and social justice issues.

While cost to students was a major concern for program planners, they did not foresee how serious the financial situation was for many Wisconsin students. Many interested and qualified students faced substantial financial barriers that precluded them from these types of learning experiences.

For this reason, WIPPS worked to keep costs as low as possible while at the same time providing the most “bang for the buck” for students. With only a few exceptions, despite keeping the costs remarkably low for this type of immersive study-away opportunity, students who applied struggled to come up with funding and most required scholarships or other financial support in order to participate. Fortunately, the Murco Foundation generously stepped up providing essential scholarship support. We are excited to announce that Murco has renewed and increased their support for the 2017 program.

The Murco Foundation was formed by the owners of the Murray Machinery Company. From the turn of the last century through 1988, Murray Machinery was the industry leader in dam gate hoist equipment. Originally known as D.J. Murray Manufacturing Company, the firm manufactured under the MURCO brand name. The owners of Murray Machinery formed the Murco Foundation in an effort to support worthwhile causes in central Wisconsin.

WIPPS is grateful for the support of the Murco Foundation as we continue to advance the Washington Seminar program.