T1W: Conference

This virtual conference will bring together citizens and organizations from multiple sectors across Wisconsin to discover innovative efforts to overcome barriers to job entry, create united communities that welcome all residents, embrace a healthy climate for youth in our schools and neighborhoods, and promote health equity initiatives across Wisconsin. Join us virtually November 11-13 to be a part of this conference.

Why you should attend a conference on inclusion?
You’ll learn about key education, workforce, and community initiatives to help foster positive change throughout the state. Networking opportunities will provide time to get to know one another and discuss best practices.

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The goals of the conference are to understand the most persistent barriers to inclusion, learn what is working, and discover what is ‘promising on the horizon’ throughout the state. This will be accomplished by featuring four “tracks”:

  • Track I: Increasing Opportunities for Inclusion in Wisconsin’s Workforce
  • Track II: Creating Inclusive Communities
  • Track III: Cultivating Equity in Education
  • Track IV: Building Health Equity in Wisconsin

Preconference bonus event November 11!
UW Population Health Institute presents
‘Racism is a Public Health Crisis… and what we can do about it’
Wednesday November 11
Noon-4:30 p.m.
Total Virtual Event
$25 (Scholarships available)”

The Toward One Wisconsin Conference will be November 11-13. To stay up to date, sign up here for our email list to receive more information when it’s available.