Community for Us, By Us: July Meeting

The CfUBU group continued to move towards consensus in choosing a topic to take action on in their community at the June 28 meeting.  Questions residents asked themselves to guide the process included:

    • Can the proposed priority be impacted by a change to policy, system, or physical environment?
    • Which identified priority has the most potential for impact, and is it achievable?
  • Does the proposed priority unify us as a group/can we rally around the idea?
  • Do we have community assets/resources to tap into to help address the issue?
  • What is the potential ROI (return on investment)?

Here is the list of community priorities- not meant to be conclusive or finite- that residents came up with and voted on at the June 28 meeting.

Municipal Collaborations (Wi-Fi, shared space)1
Business Collaboration1
Community Calendar2
Social Networks2
Housing (affordable, low and high end)0
Employment (attracting recent grads)2
Innovation Center/Career Pathway6
Pool Aquatics Accessible for All8
Downtown (Positive, recruitment, support of downtown plan)10
Positive Voice Platform/Public Issues Forums (Riverfront plan, downtown)15
Mental Health0
Increased stakeholder engagement (Older adults)1
Racial/Class/West & East/Socio-Economic Division1
Older Adults0


Meeting and project facilitation with assistance by Wisconsin Institute for Public Policy and Service and Incourage.  Project made possible by support from the Brico foundation.