WIPPS 2021 Recap
WIPPS 2021 Recap

WIPPS 2021 Recap

This year has reminded us that we cannot take health for granted. With a resurgence of COVID, the importance of vaccinations remains scientifically valid. WIPPS supports the efforts of UW System President Tommy Thompson to ensure that campuses are safe and secure for returning students. In addition, we are proud to be working with health systems, community organizations and leaders in Central Wisconsin to offer vaccines and education—particularly to underserved communities.

Equally important is the recovering health of our economy. To this end WIPPS is conducting research on behalf of school districts, municipalities, and businesses across Wisconsin to ensure that our communities are attracting and retaining a healthy and diverse workforce and improving quality of life for all residents.

Finally, WIPPS is addressing challenges to our civic health through research and programming to build and restore confidence in our institutions and basic democratic processes, ranging from teaching to policing as well as by restoring civility and the ethos of public service.

Despite the challenges, we are optimistic that individuals and communities can choose to set aside divisions and work together for a better Wisconsin. We are all in and we can’t wait to continue this important work in the new year.

Executive Director Eric Giordano

-Executive Director, Eric Giordano

2021 Highlights

Doris Kearns Goodwin ‘Leadership in Turbulent Times’

Toward One Wisconsin 2021

We were honored to have renowned historian and author, Doris Kearns Goodwin, as a featured speaker for the WIPPS Public Issues Series. Goodwin had a virtual conversation with UW Stevens Point history professor Brett Barker to discuss her most recent book, ”Leadership in Turbulent Times.”

The book examines the characteristics and decisions of past presidents, while also presenting concrete guideposts for leaders of today. The book’s message applies to current leaders and everyday citizens and is particularly relevant as America faces public health and economic crises.

The 2021 Toward One Wisconsin Conference, held virtually on October 12 and 13, 2021, brought together over 500 attendees to address and prioritize the work of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion throughout Wisconsin.

Plenary sessions included author Jelani Cobb, Wisconsin Poet Laureate Dasha Kelly Hamilton, and author Kao Kalia Yang – as well as poetry readings by T1W Resident Artist, Dorothy Chan. Breakout sessions were hosted by presenters ranging on topics from college success for single mothers to the future of policing in Wisconsin.

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Hmong and Hispanic Communication Network

WIPPS Research Partners – The Voices of Wisconsin Students Project

H2N Juneteenth Vaccination Clinic

WIPPS research partners

The Hmong and Hispanic Communication Network (H2N) celebrated administering 1000 COVID-19 vaccines on Dec. 29, 2021. Luis Melgarejo Martinez received the 1,000th vaccine at an H2N popup clinic at Maple Ridge Dairy Farm, in Stratford, Wis.

WATCH: WSAW – Group helping Hmong, Hispanic population get vaccinated marks milestone

Throughout the month of December, H2N held six vaccine clinics in Central Wisconsin. Clinics took place in Athens, Stevens Point, Schofield, Stratford, Wausau, and Wisconsin Rapids. A total of 407 COVID-19 vaccines and 162 flu vaccines were administered.

The Voices of Wisconsin Students Project – the first of its kind in the nation – used focus group discussions with 160 students from across Wisconsin to provide a deeper understanding of the nature of their stress and anxiety; their real-world experiences with learning; and what they say they need to be successful moving forward through the pandemic.

The project, conducted by the Wisconsin Institute for Public Policy and Service Research Partners (WIPPS Research Partners) and the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW), gathers insight, information, and feedback directly from Wisconsin youth in grades 6 through 12.

To learn more and see the full report, visit wipps.org/voices.

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Student Journalism Program

WIPPS Research Partners provides insight on unique challenges faced by Hmong caregivers


Watch ‘The Student Journalism Program Experience – Interview with Sara Miller’

Roger Utnehmer, Director of the WIPPS Student Journalism Program, interviewed Sara Miller about her experience working as a student journalist. As a member of the program, Sara has been able to write for DoorCountyDailyNews.com while she is still in high school.

The Student Journalism Program allows high school students to gain experience in journalism by getting paid to write stories for local radio, print and online news media. Participants learn marketable skills, interact with media professionals, and have their stories read by the public.

The WIPPS Student Journalism Program recently partnered with Rotary International to expand the program and recruit new participants.

Northern Valley Industries (NVI) recently partnered with WIPPS Research Partners to examine challenges faced by caregivers of Hmong individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).

Northern Valley Industries is an Employment Social Enterprise non-profit organization which provides employment and employment supports to individuals with disabilities. NVI also offers job development/job coaching services with a focus on career exploration, resume development, interviewing, guided job searches, as well as developing interpersonal and coping skills to enhance job retention. NVI noticed that their services were being not being utilized by underserved populations, such as the Hmong community.

To address this issue, NVI partnered with WIPPS Research Partners to gather first-hand information about the challenges faced by caregivers of Hmong individuals with IDD when accessing support services.

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