Open Enrollment

Need help with your health insurance application? WIPPS can help! Get lower costs on monthly premiums in the Health Insurance Marketplace. 

Open Enrollment Nov. 1- Jan. 15.
Free enrollment assistance: English, Hmong, Spanish. In Person, Virtual, Phone.
Contact us: 715-600-0869.

To schedule an appointment visit Covering Wisconsin

Join us Wednesday January 4th, 2023, from 3:30 PM to 7:30 PM in the Sonnentag Hall at the UW Center for Civic Engagement for a free open enrollment and vaccine clinic. 

What you need for your appointment

  1. Income for everyone in the household
  2. Your most recent tax return
  3. Social security numbers for everyone you want covered on the plan if they have one
  4. Date of birth for everyone you want covered
  5. A list of prescriptions and how much you take
  6. The names of your doctors and clinics
  7. Your log-in information if you already have an account
  8. If you are losing your current health insurance, bring a letter that shows the date your coverage is ending.