Hmong and Hispanic Communication Network Meet the Team

Meet the H2N Team: Mikala Ocampo

Mikala Ocampo
Hispanic Case Manager

Why did you get involved with H2N?
Many of the team members had already know me from previous relations throughout the years, and knew I have always had a passion for helping out the immigrant community and a heart for the Spanish Language. They knew my social skills, bilingualism, and dedication would fit nicely within the team, and I was so excited to join!

What changes have you seen in the type of work H2N does since joining?
I’ve noticed that as a team, we are constantly expanding our program and sharing new ideas with each other. We are getting the word out about our work through community events and more, and I can tell we are going to go far.

What is the most rewarding part of working with H2N? What is the most challenging part?
The most rewarding part of working with H2N for me is not only the relationships I make with coworkers and clients, but the appreciation I get for what I do. Together we are changing the lives of so many in our community, and it shows.

The most challenging part for me is wanting to help everyone and wanting to do it NOW! Sometimes I have to remind myself that good things take time and hard work.

What persistent obstacles have you noticed during your work with H2N?
I am still working out the challenges of my time management and organization.  I love what I do, but on a personal level I would like to get more organized and focused to do the best job I can.

If you are still considering a career path, has the work you’ve done with H2N impacted what you want to do in the future?
Oh, absolutely. I have wanted to have a career working with the Spanish language and helping people from other cultures adjust to life in the United States, and with H2N I am doing just that.

What role do you see for organizations like H2N in the future of public health in this country?
I think what we are doing is absolutely essential to our community. We host events and get out and meet others so that we can inform people on a more intimate level and build relationships and trust. People need that nowadays in order to feel comfortable with all of the craziness in the world.

I just want to say that I am absolutely blessed to be part of this wonderful team and I will continue to strive to do better each day.