Hmong and Hispanic Communication Network (H2N) Project Update

The Hmong and Hispanic Communication Network (H2N) Project has been busy over the last year! See below for a list of updates from this important program and fantastic team!

“Stop the Bleed” Training at Dairy Farms

This year, our dedicated Community Health Workers (CHWs) conducted “Stop the Bleed” training sessions across various dairy farms in central Wisconsin. These sessions aimed to equip farm workers with critical first-aid skills to manage severe bleeding emergencies. The training has been instrumental in enhancing workplace safety and ensuring that immediate, life-saving measures can be taken in the event of an accident.

Assistance Provided by Health Navigators

Our health navigators have played a crucial role in assisting the community with the Medicaid unwinding process. Their efforts have ensured that individuals and families remain informed about their healthcare options and continue to receive the medical coverage they need. This support has been vital in maintaining the health and well-being of our community members during these transitions.

Healthy Summer Clinics at Hispanic and Hmong Grocery Stores

In a bid to promote community health, we organized healthy summer clinics at local Hispanic and Hmong grocery stores. These clinics offered diabetes screenings, blood pressure checks, and connected community members to local health resources. By bringing these services directly to where people shop, we made healthcare more accessible and encouraged proactive health management within these communities.

Food Delivery Program

Every Thursday, two of our CHWs delivered food to over 60 Hispanic families, ensuring that they had access to nutritious meals. This initiative not only addressed food insecurity but also fostered a sense of community and support among the families served. The consistent delivery has been a lifeline for many, providing stability and nourishment. This June, H2N and the Hmong American Center kicked off the food pantry program for Marathon County Hmong residents. Food giveaway days are scheduled for Wednesdays and will continue till the end of the year.

“Healthy Living with Diabetes” Training

Our “Healthy Living with Diabetes” training sessions, tailored for the Hispanic and Hmong communities, have made a significant impact this year. By offering education in their native languages, we empowered families to understand and manage diabetes effectively. These sessions covered essential topics such as diet, exercise, medication management, and the importance of regular medical check-ups. The culturally sensitive approach ensured that the information was accessible and relevant, leading to better health outcomes for participants.

Partnership with Wausau Free Clinic

H2N partnered with Wausau Free Clinic to provide medical interpretation services in Spanish and Hmong, free of cost to all patients. Having in-person interpreters has greatly enhanced the doctor-patient relationship, ensuring clear communication and a better understanding of medical advice and treatment plans. This service has been crucial in breaking down language barriers and fostering trust between healthcare providers and patients.

Health Fair Partnership

We partnered with Marathon County, Clark County, Taylor County Health Departments, Health First, Aspirus, and Babies Place to host health fairs every other month at Saint Bernard Church. These events have provided essential health services and resources to community members in their areas of residency. The collaboration among these partners has been instrumental in making healthcare more accessible and comprehensive, addressing a wide range of health needs within the community.