Hmong and Hispanic Communication Network Meet the Team

Meet the H2N Team: Isis Vidal

Isis Vidal
H2N Hispanic Community Health Worker

Why did you get involved with H2N?
I got involved with the team at the beginning of 2020 when COVID-19 hit. I did it because I saw the need for people to know more about this virus and because where we live there isn’t information in Spanish available. Also, because I see the needs of our Hispanic community in the Wausau area and surroundings cities.

What changes have you seen in the type of work H2N does since joining? 
One of the changes that I have seen is that our team has grown a lot in terms of collaborators. The work we do has increased and we have expanded to other counties.

What is the most rewarding part of working with H2N? What is the most challenging part?
One of the obstacles that I think we face the most are the myths and beliefs of our people about the vaccine due to cultural ideas.

What persistent obstacles have you noticed during your work with H2N? 
Although we are Latinos, we all come with different beliefs and religions and sometimes is really hard to talk about some topics without having people feeling offended. However, here we are and we will continue forward since there are many people who need us and have given us a lot of credibility for our work.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?
I feel very proud of all the work that is been done and the great results we have seen. Working at H2N has allowed me to get to know my Latino and non-Latino people even better! I have learned a little more about their needs too. The people that collaborate with H2N are people who are very passionate about what they do!