High Five 4 College

High Five 4 College gave hundreds of middle and junior high school students in the Wausau area a chance to explore new horizons while developing their skills and challenging them to become better leaders. This after-school mentoring program held meetings at John Muir, Horace Mann and D.C. Everest schools in the Wausau area throughout the school year, as well as taking field trips, business tours and engaging in a variety of community service projects.

High Five Students Prepare For An Egg DropUsing STEM (Science,Technology,Engineering and Mathematics) as the theme in 2014-15, kids experienced interactive learning, field trips and guest speakers to learn about a variety of career paths. Whether it was a field trip to the Engineering and Global Leadership Academy, creating YouTube videos via iPads, staging an Amazing Race or launching a Leadership Olympiad, students learned about a wide world of career choices.

View the PDFs below to learn more about the student’s learning activities and how fun elements were incorporated to spur interest and encourage community involvement.

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