Next Two Bald Guys: 2020 elections, What happened? What’s next?

With the exception of a Georgia Senate runoff race in January, the 2020 elections are behind us. Join us Friday at noon when “Two Bald Guys” resumes its livestream to discuss the 2020 elections and what comes next.

Our guest will be an expert on electoral politics and representation. Barry C. Burden is professor of political science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is also director of the Elections Research Center and the Lyons Family Chair in Electoral Politics.

In a prerecorded talk, Burden will address:

  • The presidential election – the vote tally that keeps on tallying in the key battleground states – is it almost over?
  • President Trump’s legal fight to contest election results in key battleground states – is this almost over or will it end up in the Supreme Court?
  • How results of Congressional races will impact the incoming Biden administration
  • Why the pollsters got it wrong – again – in the 2020 presidential race

To view the noon program on Friday, go to:

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