Next Two Bald Guys: How can we vote safely?

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures. In the midst of COVID-19, holding an election, especially for president of the United States, creates confusion and concern. A bipartisan group has launched “VoteSafe Wisconsin” to protect the health of every Wisconsin voter by encouraging safe voting options for the 2020 elections.

Join ‘Two Bald Guys” Friday at 1:15pm when two members of VoteSafe WI, former Republican U.S. Congressman Tom Petri and Democratic State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski, will describe how their group is working to assure Wisconsin voters the electoral process is safe and secure.

Hear our guests talk about:

  • Debunking the myths of voting online, and that absentee ballots are safe, secure and do not favor one party over the other
  • Voting absentee and how it has been a part of our electoral process for years, with no evidence of serious fraud
  • Voters’ ability to mail in their ballots, in addition to safe, in person voting at the polls, as a critical component of protecting voters and safeguarding democracy

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