Next Two Bald Guys: Preview of Toward One Wisconsin!

The events of 2020 have forced us to reckon as a state and nation with the repeated, horrific violence of racism, while a pandemic forced us to see racism as a public health crisis. It also resulted in the delay of the Toward One Wisconsin inclusivity conference – now being presented as a total virtual event in November.

Join us Friday when “Two Bald Guys” presents state business leaders and public health experts who are committed to inclusivity in the workplace and building health equity in Wisconsin. Our guests will be:

  • Jessica Cavazos, CEO, Latino Chamber of Commerce of South Central Wisconsin
  • Richard Poirier, J.D., president, CEO, Church Mutual
  • Maria Schirmer Devitt, community coach, Mobilizing Action Toward Community Health (MATCH)
  • Paula Tran Inzeo, M.P.H., group director, Mobilizing Action Toward Community Health (MATCH)

They will highlight why now more than ever Toward One Wisconsin is needed as a springboard for change in bringing about more welcoming, diverse communities. Maria and Paula will also announce a special pre-conference program Nov. 11, part of Wisconsin Population Health Institute’s initiative on “Racism is a Public Health Crisis.”

Join us for this livestream Friday at noon on the WIPPS Facebook page. Go to:

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