Next Two Bald Guys: Stay-at-home order struck down – now what?

After the Wisconsin Supreme court ruled May 14 that Governor Evers’ stay-at-home order was unconstitutional, did the state become “the wild West,” or did the court simply affirm the people’s right to civil liberties? A constitutional law expert will bring his perspective to this case on the next episode of “Two Bald Guys.”

Eric Kasper, UW-Eau Claire political science professor and director of the university’s Center for Constitutional Studies, will discuss with our two lively co-hosts – WIPPS Executive Director Eric Giordano and WIPPS Senior Policy Fellow Dave Anderson.

Join us for a quick but spirited 15-minute talk at noon on Friday. Two Bald Guys, a weekly live stream program on Facebook, is all about public policy and civic engagement. We welcome your participation and topic ideas for future live stream events.

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