Next Two Bald Guys: Students voice concerns as school begins

Back to school is almost here. What will it look like for students across central Wisconsin? A student focus group study, released last week by WIPPS Research Partners, reveals much insight into the thoughts, concerns and uncertainties of middle and high school students as they begin the new school year.

Joining “Two Bald Guys” to discuss will be:

  • Three middle and high school students
  • Casey Nye, assistant superintendent, D.C. Everest School District
  • Sharon Belton, director, WIPPS Research Partners, and team lead for the student focus group study

Our guests will talk about:

  • Concerns and questions students have about returning to school in the fall
  • Information and support students say they need in terms of their safety, social and emotional well-being, and to achieve learning outcomes
  • Key things learned from the spring about what to do/not to do in a virtual learning environment
  • What students want parents, teachers and administrators to know about how they feel about school this fall – and will their voices be heard?

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