Next Two Bald Guys: WIPPS Student Journalism Program

With the rise of the 24-hour news cycle, audience-tailored and politicized news, public trust in the media is at an all-time low. While website clicks and cable news ratings are up, this does not mean the public is better informed or there is more rational debate.

To counteract the current media environment, the Wisconsin Institute for Public Policy and Service, in partnership with multiple media partners, has launched a civic journalism internship/training program for youth in grades 9-12.

Join “Two Bald Guys” Friday at 12 p.m. when two guests representing the WIPPS Student Journalism Program will talk about building the future of healthy news media through student journalism while providing an avenue for civic participation by youth in Wisconsin. This episode will feature Roger Utnehmer, director, WIPPS Student Journalism Program and former broadcast media owner; and a high school student-journalist.

Hear our guests talk about:

  • Why are we facing increasing “news deserts” in Wisconsin and why does it matter?
  • Is heathy news journalism possible in an era of boutique news tailored to specific audiences?
  • How can a student journalism program impact the news industry?

What are your thoughts on this topic? You can email questions in advance at or post comments and questions during the livestream on Friday.

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