Aspirus Langlade Hospital Community Action Plan

WIPPS Research Partners was contracted by Aspirus Hospital in Antigo to design a community action process towards reducing substance abuse in Langlade County, including a plan to identify key issues, uncover shared goals and action plans, and create appropriate implementation strategies toward achieving community goals.

The process began by identifying and creating a Steering Group charged with overseeing the design and implementation of the project. Deliverables included a design process; a discovery phase to uncover baseline data around substance abuse and treatment; a kickoff event followed by additional planning events; and a written action plan with appropriate implementation objectives. The WIPPS team helped bring together stakeholders from key community sectors and helped organize three working teams focused on law enforcement and public safety, health providers, and community education—each tasked with developing goals designed to address the substance abuse problem.

WIPPS facilitators led the groups through an investment-impact exercise to help prioritize community goals and create buy-in for specific organizations and agencies. The process helped the nascent coalition move towards a staffing model led by Aspirus Hospital.