COVID-19 Return to Work Survey

The COVID-19 pandemic and “Safer-At-Home” orders that went into effect in mid-March 2020 resulted in a sudden shift to working remotely for many businesses and organizations. To help employers make more-informed decisions about returning employees to work during COVID-19, WIPPS Research Partners developed a new, online survey tool focused on Employee Work Experiences During COVID-19.

During the pandemic, employers have wrestled with decisions about when and how to bring employees back to work safely on-site, or if employees should continue to work from home. WIPPS Research Partners worked with E.O. Johnson and Security Health Plan to administer the Employee Work Experience During COVID-19 to their workforce. The survey gathered comprehensive and detailed information about their employees’ experiences working from home during the pandemic; their concerns about returning to work; and feedback on the possible continuation of remote work. The analysis addresses the following specific questions:

  • How well did the company handle the shift to working at home?
  • How have employees experienced working from home? What has worked well? What could be better? What “lessons learned” might there be for the future?
  • How has productivity, work quality, and connectedness changed compared to pre-COVID work?
  • What is the level of concern among employees about returning to work on site? What do employees need to feel safe when returning to work?
  • How do employees feel about possibly continuing to work from home? What improvements or modifications do employees need in order to be more productive and more engaged?