Regional Talent Innovation Network (RETAIN)


  • Jobs in Central Wisconsin are forecasted to grow more slowly than other parts of state and Midwest region.
  • There is also concern that K-12 education, tech schools, 2-4 year colleges, and continuing education institutions are not prepared to teach the skills needed to match areas where jobs are anticipated to grow.
  • To address this potential gap, the North Central Wisconsin Workforce Development Board convened regional stakeholders in 2015—including companies and educational institutions—to discuss how to appropriately invest in the skills and infrastructure to sustain family-supporting jobs and attract potential employers to North Central Wisconsin.
  • Three objectives were proposed:
    1. Identify key trends, challenges, and opportunities for job growth in Central Wisconsin over the next 10-20 years.
    2. Create a priority list of guidelines for key constituencies to better prepare students/workers for future jobs.
    3. Develop a Regional Talent Innovation Network (RETAIN), a working group of constituencies aligned to support and develop the regional labor market.

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