University of Wisconsin-Extension Reimagined

The University of Wisconsin-Extension contracted with WIPPS Research Partners to engage community partners and stakeholders throughout the state to reimagine the future needs of families, businesses and communities—and how Extension can continue to address those needs. Labeled “UW-Extension Reimagined,” the effort used a deliberative inquiry process to gather information from 800 stakeholders throughout the state, naming and framing an issue guide with distinct choices about the future of Extension, and convening Wisconsin residents in facilitated deliberations. This deliberative inquiry process allowed Wisconsin residents to have a deeper conversation about the future.

“What will the next generation of Wisconsin residents need and want from UW-Extension? We’ve been asking and answering that question to help UW-Extension remain relevant throughout its first 100 years. These public forums provide a structured way to seek your perspective. Your input . . . will be shared with UW-Extension and UW System leaders and will contribute to our long-range planning.” – Former UW-Extension Chancellor Cathy Sandeen

A report of findings was shared with UW-Extension and UW System leaders as well as the general public, with results incorporated into an institutional strategic planning process.