Take the Wausau Policing Community Survey

The Wausau Policing Task Force is seeking input and feedback from Wausau residents and visitors concerning experiences with law enforcement, including policies, procedures, and interactions with officers. Your views will be shared with the City of Wausau to help improve policing.*


To view or print a copy of the survey, click the links below.
WPD Survey in English
WPD Survey in Spanish
WPD Survey in Hmong

*The City of Wausau and the Wisconsin Institute for Public Policy and Service are committed to providing access and reasonable accommodation to participation. Accommodation requests related to a disability should be made by July 15 to info@wipps.org or 715-261-6388.

View the Wausau Policing Survey Press Release here.

Survey Overview

Dear Wausau Area Community Member:

The City of Wausau created the Wausau Policing Task Force to analyze Wausau’s current policing policies and procedures. The Task Force consists of Wausau residents along with representatives from city government. The Task Force would like to hear from members of the community about how the Wausau Police are doing in protecting community health, safety, and general well-being.

To gain community input, the Wausau Policing Task Force has partnered with the Wisconsin Institute for Public Policy and Service (WIPPS) to create a survey about policing in Wausau. WIPPS will share the results of this public survey with the City of Wausau and the Wausau Policing Task Force to help them make decisions about policing policies and procedures in Wausau.

The survey should take you under 10 minutes to complete.

Your participation in the survey is entirely voluntary. You are under no obligation to answer every question or to complete the entire survey.

The survey will not ask for your name or information that would reveal your identity within the community. Your responses will be entirely anonymous and cannot be traced back to you. Your responses to short-answer questions may be quoted in the report of the survey, but you will not be identified in that quote.

As you respond to the survey questions, please remember to share your views and experiences concerning the Wausau Police Department only, not your impressions of police departments in general.

For questions or assistance in completing this survey, you may contact: Eric Giordano, Wisconsin Institute for Public Policy and Service (WIPPS) at info@wipps.org or 715-261-6388.

About the Wausau Policing Task Force

The Wausau Policing Task Force’s mission is to provide community-led safety recommendations to the public, the Wausau City Council, and the Wausau Police Department about how best to protect the human health, safety, and general welfare of Wausau residents and visitors who come into contact with the law enforcement system.

The Wausau Policing Task Force will assess policing policies and practices, investigate the community’s unmet social needs that may introduce people to law enforcement, and examine systemic racism.

The Task Force will craft and present recommendations for Wausau’s safety and public interests, including the development of human services and policing policy recommendations consistent with applicable state and federal laws, Wisconsin Law Enforcement Accreditation Group guidelines, and Wisconsin Law Enforcement Standards Board regulations.

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The information is being collected by the City of Wausau Policing Task Force.
For more information, please contact Eric Giordano at info@wipps.org or 715-261-6388.