Bill Kraus Lifetime Achievement in Civic Leadership Award

In celebration of  our tenth anniversary in 2018, WIPPS established a lifetime achievement award to acknowledge and honor the accomplishments of an individual whose life and work demonstrate the highest qualities of civic leadership.

The WIPPS Advisory Board unanimously decided to honor Bill Kraus, political strategist and co-chair of Common Cause Wisconsin, as the first recipient of the “Bill Kraus Award for Lifetime Achievement in Civic Leadership.” Board members agreed that Bill’s exemplary life should serve as a model and legacy for all future recipients. Bill passed away in December 2018, just eight months after receiving the award. According to the official language of the award:

Kraus Award winners embody the principals of positive change, civil dialogue, civic leadership and commitment to working toward intelligent solutions for the common good of citizens and communities in Wisconsin. WIPPS selects recipients for the award in recognition of an individual who, like the award’s namesake, has performed truly extraordinary service and created a positive and lasting legacy. The award recognizes the entirety of the recipient’s career, rather than a single contribution.

The award is given annually. Nominations are accepted throughout the year, with a deadline of March 1 for the recipient of the current year. Nominations should consist of a letter outlining an individual’s achievements in civic leadership. They may be sent to