Teachers Institute: ‘Moderating Deliberative Forums’

Time: 8:30 am - 3:30 pm

Location: Colby Middle School
Address: 703 N. 2nd Street , Colby WI

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A professional development workshop on how to address issues of concern to middle school students will be held on June 16.The Teachers Institute on “Moderating Deliberative Forums” will be facilitated by John Greenwood, WIPPS outreach consultant. The workshop’s intent is to:

  • Help students name and frame hot topics and moral dilemmas that are relevant to them in real time
  • Guide students through a deliberative decision-making process by looking at three approaches to a particular issue, reaching common ground and developing action plans to address the issue
  • Enhance social-emotional learning skills (such as active listening, assertiveness, decision making and goal setting) while also teaching subject content and reinforcing oral and written literacy and critical thinking skills
  • Generate significant enthusiasm and commitment about an issue that leads to student and staff engagement in learning projects within the classroom, school environment and larger community
  • Share ideas and collaborate with other districts and schools that are doing deliberative decision making as staff from Colby, Athens and the Engineering and Global Leadership Academy, housed at Wausau East, will also participate
    For more information on this workshop (graduate credit available through Marian College), or to learn how to schedule a forum for your school or organization, contact Greenwood at john.greenwood@uwc.edu or 715-218-0284 (mobile).