Washington Seminar launches May 24

Time: All Day

Location: Capitol Building
Address: East Capitol St NE & First St SE, Washington D.C.

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College students will experience how public policy works at the Washington Seminar.

Twelve UW college students will get a first-hand look at how government works when WIPPS launches its first-ever Washington Seminar May 24-June 11. Led and taught by UW Colleges faculty, this three-week summer program provides an up-close and personal view of the workings of government, with access to congressional and executive leaders, lobbyists and other policy-influencers. Students from a wide variety of majors will explore areas such as the environment, energy, health, the economy, and social justice issues.

Students will earn three UW Colleges credits (through Pol 219 – Public Policy: Power, Conflict, Choice) which are easily transferable throughout the UW System. Housing will be provided at UW-Madison and George Washington University.

The program starts in Madison May 24-27 and continues in Washington, D.C. May 28-June 11.