Public Dialogue: Abraham’s Circle

Abrahamic ReligionsThis ecumenical dialogue features pastors and authorities from the Abrahamic faiths (faiths that trace a common origin to the prophet Abraham) who will have a moderated panel discussion about timely issues related to faith traditions.  Five representatives from the Mainline Protestant, Evangelical Protestant, Catholic, Jewish and Islamic communities of faith, will be present.

Join us with Pastor Jon Payne, Reverends Dan Klutterman and Jane Johnson, Rabbi Dan Danson and Professor Shanny Luft, Muslim Leaders Asif Hussain and Abul Rabanny, and Deacon Peter Burek in a public discussion moderated by WAOW-TV 9 News Anchor Melissa Langbehn.

As part of the event, each panelist was asked to provide answers to a range of topics, such as “What would you most like members of other communities to know about your faith”.

Both events are free to the public.

The two-event series, February 1 and February 8, will discuss sacred texts of each tradition and the key aspects that make each faith both unique and valuable to its adherents. The dialogue will also tackle the subject of how each faith views non-members or outsiders. What is the history and belief around the treatment of and relationship with people of different faiths? For more information, contact Connie Nikolai at 715-261-6368 or email