Deliberative Forum Series: K-12

Finding Common Ground On Tough, Divisive Issues

WIPPS partners with area high schools, the UW-Marathon

County Assembly of Student Leaders and Organizations, UWMC Department of Student Affairs and the UWMC Undergraduate Research and Discovery Grant Committee on a series of deliberative forums for regional high school students and select UWMC leadership seminar students.

This project creates “Deliberative Democracy Classes” with students and teachers from four regional high schools who receive moderator training from UWMC Deliberative Democracy Student Fellows and WIPPS staff to conduct deliberative forums on local and national issues as part of their high school and college class curriculum.

Each Deliberative Democracy Class participates in a day-long visit to the UWMC campus to take part in a formal lecture by a professor and a subsequent deliberative forum moderated by UWMC and high school student leaders. Deliberative events in a university setting challenge students to use higher-level critical thinking skills and bring new learning methods to examine complex public issues.

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