Marshfield Civility Project: K-12 Education Forum

Source: WSAU

Common Core and other K–12 public education issues will be the focus of a forum hosted by the “Marshfield Civility Project” later this evening, Wednesday March 4th. That meeting is being sponsored by both the Democrat and Republican Parties of Wood County to promote civil discussion. One of the organizers, Dan Wald from the G.O.P., says, “We’re going to be discussing school vouchers, school accountability, Common Core, Act 10.” Chris Jockheck is a Democrat is co-organizer of the event, and says there’ll be guest speakers representing both sides of the issues. According to Jockheck, “We have Julaine Appling who’s president of the Wisconsin Family Council, and Mandy Wright is a former state representative and currently a teacher.” The event is the third in a continuing series, and will be moderated by the Wisconsin Institute for Public Policy and Service. That forum starts at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday night on the lower level of the Marshfield Public Library.