Towards One Wasau: Final Deliberation (featured in WZAW)

WZAW: Since the Toward One Wausau project was launched last October, more than 200 people participated in one or more of the community dialogues.

Those dialogues provide valuable feedback on diversity issues in the community.

Monday, the group has its final discussion.

On the Deep Bench, Toward One Wausau executive committee members, Tony Gonzalez and Laura Hunt discussed what their hopes are after the final discussion is held. All viewpoints are welcome at the final community dialogue.

It’s happening at 6:30 p.m. Monday at the UW Center for Civic Engagement in Wausau.

A celebratory event for the public, announcing the results of the dialogues and some options or action plans for achieving unity in the Wausau area will take place October 20.

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