Hmong and Hispanic Communication Network Meet the Team

Meet the H2N Team: Phong Vang

Phong Vang
Hmong Community Health Worker

Why did you get involved with H2N?
The reason why I got involved with H2N is that I see a lack of resources for the Hmong community in regards to health resources especially during the pandemic.

What changes have you seen in the type of work H2N does since joining?
H2N has brought more Hmong liaisons, expanded our partnerships, and provided different methods of outreach.

What is the most rewarding part of working with H2N?
The most rewarding thing is providing adequate information to my community and being able to reach families who would not know about the resources without H2N.

What persistent obstacles have you noticed during your work with H2N?
One obstacle is funding to help provide more hours for outreach and other assistance.

What role do you see for organizations like H2N in the future of public health in this country?
H2N work has helped me in many ways especially building partners with my community and gaining the trust in my community. I think that organizations like H2N are great because they are able to serve hard to reach communities. Because H2N is a diverse group I have learned so much from different liaisons.