Hmong and Hispanic Communication Network Meet the Team

Meet the H2N Team: Miah Medina

Miah Medina

Miah Medina
Social Media Coordinator

Why did you get involved with H2N?
I wanted to help make a difference in my community and help those who have a lack of access to healthcare, information, opportunities, and resources.

What changes have you seen in the type of work H2N does since joining?
Since joining this past Spring H2N has grown with staff and we also provide more vaccines rather than just COVID-19 vaccines.

What is the most rewarding part of working with H2N? What is the most challenging part?
The most rewarding part of working with H2N is helping people who need help and doing my part to help protect and educate the community. The most challenging part has been the inconsistent schedule between meetings and clinics.

What persistent obstacles have you noticed during your work with H2N?
An obstacle I feel everyone faces is combating the spread of misinformation. It can be difficult and frustrating both mentally and emotionally.