Hmong and Hispanic Communication Network Meet the Team

Meet the H2N Team: Hmongshee Khang

Hmongshee KhangHmongshee Khang
Hmong Community Coordinator

Why did you get involved with H2N?
There was a lack of accessibility to COVID-19 and Health resources in the community.

What changes have you seen in the type of work H2N does since joining?
H2N has been impactful. Not only are we providing vaccines to the community but we are also bringing awareness, education and building connections.

What is the most rewarding part of working with H2N?
We have one of the best teams. We are all from the community and strive to serve them to the best of our ability.

What persistent obstacles have you noticed during your work with H2N?
The biggest challenge is the constant changes and restrictions that hinder our work.

If you are still considering a career path, has the work you’ve done with H2N impacted what you want to do in the future?Yes, community health and heath equity has always been fields I am interested in and H2N embodies both.

What role do you see for organizations like H2N in the future of public health in this country?
Hopefully, these organizations will grow because the work they do are essential and important to the community. Advocacy for the community is needed.