Kewaunee band planning virtual performance

By Sara Miller, Student Correspondent

The Kewaunee High School music department has found it hard to showcase the band with active COVID-19 restrictions. Kelton Jennings, the band director from 5th to 12th grades, has found a unique way to keep his students performing. Jennings describes this new way as a “virtual band.” He says this way is beneficial because it can include the fully virtual students and those “in-person.” Jennings’ way includes each student recording their part. Then he edits these recordings together to create a collage similar to a music video. Jennings himself is very excited about the potential that this form of performance brings.

The finished product will be band students and teachers who have volunteered to play an instrument. Although there is no release date for the performance, the finished collage of videos will be made available on the Kewaunee School District Facebook page after completion.